5 Ways Yoga Can Benefit the Entire Company

Yoga at Work

Get woke at work

Workplace yoga has shown to increase productivity for businesses large and small. A typical work day includes a rushed morning, a stressful commute, long hours being sedentary and long days at the office leaving employees feeling emotionally and physical spent.

So how can bringing yoga into the company benefit both the employees and the business?

  1. Increased Productivity/Creativity

    It's no secret that yoga can both improve memory and help individuals focus. As an employer, providing a service that will help employees break up the day and get moving, especially after being sedentary, will bring them back to their desks with a clear mind. Yoga classes incorporate meditation and breathing exercises that help clear the mind of clutter and let creativity and focus take it's place. 

  2. Decrease Health Issues

    The health related benefits for employees range from improved posture to increased strength and flexibility to reduced risk for diseases, including cancer. All of these benefits require less visits to the doctor and add up to lower health insurance premiums. On average, companies spend around $14,000/employee on medically related costs. Companies that have offered yoga have decreased these costs and improved their bottom line. 

  3. Workplace Morale

    Employees who yoga together, stay together. Just like any other team building activity, yoga allows employees to interact outside the typical work day tasks. Engaging one another before and after class and keeping each other accountable to the program helps to increase employee retention, respect for senior management and overall job satisfaction. 

  4. Reduce Stress/Fatigue 

    You may have seen numerous studies that show sitting for over 5 hours a day can be equated to smoking a pack of cigarettes. Add that to a non-stop work day and you might notice employee stress level rise throughout the day. Incorporating yoga into the work day will allow employees to increase blood flow and feel more relaxed throughout the day. This reduction in stress has been shown to lower absentees in the office and add to the productivity of the office. 

  5. Attract Quality New Hires

    Every year lists are published of the top places to work in 'X' city, state or within the U.S. Almost every company on these lists has a wellness program in place as an added benefit to its employees. Quality candidates refer to these lists when applying for jobs. Institute a quality wellness program in your company that includes yoga as an added benefit to employees who you want to fill open positions in your organization. 

Are you ready to integrate yoga into your wellness program?