What we’re All About 


It all started when…

Michelle* had a lightbulb moment when she was stretching at her own 9-5 job. As a certified yoga teacher, she realized there was a way to introduce her love of the practice to a traditional working environment with great benefits to employees and employers alike!

Om Land CLE was launched. By incorporating yoga + meditation into an organizations benefits, businesses often see an increase in workplace morale, increased productivity, reduce stress/fatigue, employee retention and attract quality new hires.

Om Land CLE is here to help your office relax and create brilliant brain work all day long.

*Michelle is a certified yoga teacher, lover of Cleveland, and fanatic for all things local and lively!


benefits of onsite yoga

  • Increase workplace morale

  • Boost in productivity

  • Less stress/burn out

  • Employee Retention

  • Decrease health costs at the business level

who we’ve worked with recently

  • Health Action Council


  • Spyglass

  • Cleveland Public Square

  • City of Lakewood

  • Garick