Office Yoga Series

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No office yoga program at your work?

No problem.

If you’ve been wanting to incorporate yoga at work but the office doesn’t quite have a yoga program yet, we have a solution: a 4-week desk yoga series.

stream a desk yoga class right to your desk and have access to all classes after the series ends. it’s a no brainer.

The workplace can be stressful. I sat behind a desk for 10 years before becoming a corporate yoga teacher. I know the stressful and competitive nature of the office. I also know it isn’t easy to make it to a yoga class before or after work. So bring the yoga to you, right at your desk. Where your work clothing and lets get moving.


When: Tuesday’s from 2-2:30 p.m. beginning Sept. 3.

Where: Right at your desk. All you need is a chair and your desk.

cost: $40 (thats just $10 a class)