Om Land specializes in bringing on-site corporate yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes to offices in Cleveland, Ohio.

Stay woke at work


Yoga at work, works

Research shows that pausing during your work day to move your body with intention can: 

  • Increase productivity

  • Lessen eye strain from staring at a computer screen

  • Increase energy (no need for extra caffeine)

  • and more!

Omland was created with these goals in mind. 



"Michelle is one of the warmest souls you’ll ever meet. Her superpower is the fact that she truly lives what she teaches in her classes - she is authentic. Her intentions aren’t just words, they are truly what she lives by."
Colleen, Yoga Student

"Michelle is warm, compassionate, hilarious, and wise. She's willing to be vulnerable and connect authentically with people as they are. She offers nothing short of unconditional love."
Dan, Yoga Student